Here are a few frequently asked questions from our clients.

At QMC Properties, not only can we sell your house fast, we’re also here to answer your questions in a timely manner. Here is a collection of questions that prospective homeowners like you ask us regarding our cash offer process for your home.

Our extensive skills and experience have taught us that each situation is unique. Depending on your personal circumstances, we can make an offer the next business day or set a closing date in just a few weeks.

A: NO. You gain total control of the entire selling process. You are in no way required to accept our offer if you deem it unsatisfactory. We will work with you so we can assist in turning your situation into a positive selling experience.

QMC Properties is a full-service real estate investment company that buys all types of houses, regardless of condition and reason to sell your home. Our primary goal is to assist homeowners in need to sell their properties in exchange for fast cash.

QMC Properties is known for our transparency on how we determine the value of homes that we buy. We typically use the same parameters as other home buyers in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area. Some of the factors that we consider when coming up with an offer are location, needed repairs, current overall condition of your home, and the value of recently sold homes in your neighborhood.

Home buyers like us do not charge homeowners any fees when they sell their home to us. We pay you cash and not the other way around. Sellers do not have to worry about covering any professional fees or commissions when you sell to us. We pay you the exact amount of the offer- nothing more and nothing less.

QMC Properties cannot assist clients whose properties are on foreclosure. But as real estate professionals, we can assist by recommending alternative options that can help fix your current situation.

Yes, we can still buy your house even if it’s listed with an agent. You may need to speak directly with your agent whether he needs to be paid for his services. In some cases, a real estate agent will withdraw the listing and let you proceed with selling your home to us.

Once you accept our great offer, you can choose the closing date. Your moving out date will depend on when you want to closing date to be. We can close a house sale in just a few weeks. If there is a reason that you want to sell your house in just a few days, we can work with your chosen closing date so you can get your cash faster, too.